What is the difference between Hemp and CBD?

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How is CBD different from hemp products?

With the cultivation of hemp on the industrial scale during the past few years, the demand and usage of hemp and CBD products have increased dramatically. Different researches have shown the potential and evidential benefits of hemp extracts especially CBD products. With CBD extracts other hemp products have also paved their way in the market. In a broad way the “Hemp extracts” are taken in commonality but there is a difference in their extraction process, usage, and benefits. Before consuming any CBD or Hemp products the knowledge about their difference is necessary. Let’s take the example of oil, on the CBD oil the term CBD should be clearly mentioned on its label or description, the word cannabidiol can also be mentioned instead of the CBD. If there is no mention of the CBD term then the oil is hemp oil, not CBD oil. To know the difference between these two is very much important because both have a different chemical composition and both serve a different purpose. 

Although CBD is also extracted from the hemp but difference lies in the usage of the plant part. The CBD is extracted from the flowers of the hemp plant. For CBD the rick amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, and CBD is required which is present in flower of the hemp plant. During the process of extraction, the seed is not used in the extraction of CBD oil while for the extraction of hemp oil the seeds of the plants are also used. 

As far as health benefits and usage are concerned the purposes of CBD products are different from the hemp products. Don’t follow the layman approach by using hemp products instead of the CBD products. Hemp is mostly used for skin problems. You will find many beauty products in which hemp extract is being used. The hemp contains Omega-3, Omega-6, fatty acids, and antioxidants plus many minerals like potassium, magnesium, calcium, and zinc. Hemp extracts do not contain CBD cannabinoids and THC but other types of cannabinoids are present in the hemp extracts. Before ingestion any hemp product it should be kept in mind that not all cannabinoids compounds are CBD compounds. Hemp products regulate brain functioning, increase immunity and help in hormone functioning. 

CBD is gaining popularity because of its benefits which are not present in the hemp products. The products in which CBD extract is being used are best for the cure of anxiety, sleep disorders, body pains, and muscular strength. Instead of working on the disorder the CBD product strengthens the immune system against all diseases and disorders and therefore it doesn’t have any side effect. The CBD is nonpsychoactive, and therefore it yields many benefits for the body and brain without the high feeling. CBD extracts of good companies like Green Roads contains no traces of THC and contains 99.9% of pure natural CBD. The health practitioners have recommended CBD for many issues like anxiety, pains, bowel problems, chronic conditions, and many more are still in the research phase. The CBD products are available in edibles, oils, creams, sublingual, etc.  

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